New Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree

The creation of a new Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree is the most significant change to Architectural Studies since the program was created in 1977-78. It builds on the outstanding record of success of our alumni, who have gone on to complete professional M.Arch. degrees at over 40 different universities in the United States, Canada and the UK (see the list of our alumni under the People tab on the main page).

Pitt’s Bachelor of Science in Architecture is the only such degree in the United States that incorporates required course work from two major research universities. Pitt students will thus gain exposure to the professional architecture program at Carnegie Mellon University while they work towards their degree at Pitt.

Pitt’s Bachelor of Science in Architecture was developed for students bound for first professional M.Arch. programs who wish to gain substantial studio experience and exposure to building sciences as undergraduates.

Degree Programs in Architectural Studies

Students majoring in Architectural Studies at Pitt now have the choice to complete one of two degrees:

[1] the BA in Architectural Studies remains in place and consists of two tracks, one in Design (54 credits), the other in Preservation (48 credits). These two tracks were approved in 2008 and have had impressive outcomes. The BA in Architectural Studies is the best option for students with a strong interest in the professional disciplines of architecture or historic preservation, and who wish to capitalize on the depth of course offerings in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences by pursuing another major or a combination of minors and certificate programs.

[2] the BS in Architecture (72 credits) builds on the BA in Architectural Studies. Students who complete the studio requirements for the Design Track by December of their junior year (HAA 1913 + HAA 1916 + HAA 1917) may choose to enroll in an additional two semesters of design studio (HAA 1918 + HAA 1919) as well as two courses in building science offered at the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University.

While the National Architecture Accreditation Board [NAAB] does not accredit Bachelor of Science in Architecture degrees, the coursework completed for both the BA in Architectural Studies and BS in Architecture at Pitt can be used to satisfy accreditation requirements at professional schools of architecture when students go on to complete an M.Arch. degree.

Degree Requirements

Requirements for the B.A. in Architectural Studies – Design Track     

Requirements for the B.S. in Architecture